Before the project commences the following services are based on the current position and future needs of our customers. One or more of our below services are agreed upon at the beginning of the project.

concept and project design
technical drawings
implementation / project supervision

Our main goal is to identify our client’s needs and offer budget and timeline solutions that are aligned with aesthetic and architectural standards.  We offer design, implementation projects and turnkey application services related to our clients’ fields.

In addition to Turkey we have also completed projects in Romania, Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan. We gain global experience and observe the trends through our travels, fairs and vocational trainings, and harmonize the current design trends with our own style to offer you the best solutions.

We supply a complete array of project management solutions and during our initial  evaluation upon the demand, coordinate the teams of electric, mechanic and statics engineers to offer you the services also in graphics, lighting, design, visual merchandising and landscape architecture.

our services

One of the most important conditions of successful projects is the project owner’s ability to communicate  the needs of the project fully and completely. Another important factor would be getting the correct brief from the customer and identifying what is right and wrong from the very beginning. The inspiration behind the main idea and preliminary design is an exciting process whereby we try to reach the solution and final outcome through our professional experience combined with the brief collected from our customer. Thereafter the design turns into a project presentation that will be improved by the exchange of ideas.

The whole project becomes ready for production with detailed feasibility and specifications. It becomes live with turn key implementation based on customer requirements and inspection services that follows if the implementation is according to the project. Besides creativity, our adaption to the work programmes and set deadlines is one of the values that is gained through our experience in the retail sector.

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